Curriculum vitae

Work experience

Senior Software Developer

Nitor10/2018 –

I’m working as a consultant, developing high-quality software for our customers. My current project is a modern ecommerce site, where I focus mainly on frontend development. Among the technologies used are TypeScript, React, Redux, Webpack, PostCSS, Java, Spring and AWS.

User Experience Designer

Rapal2007 – 10/2018

I worked full time at Rapal since I graduated in 2012. Although my title was UX designer, my work consisted of about equal parts of UX design and web frontend development. I have been responsible for the user experience in tens of development projects over the years.

As a front-end developer, I have extensive experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP and browsers. I have created multiple modern and responsive web apps with advanced UIs including graphical floor plans, charts, maps and other ways of visualizing data, always balancing ease of use with performance for users that depend on the apps for daily work.

During the past few years, I have been working e.g. with the following technologies: React, Redux, Angular (1.x and 2+), TypeScript, Bootstrap, Webpack, SVG, Sass and Jest. I am very familiar with version control (Git), CI (TeamCity), and many JS libraries (e.g. Lodash, Moment.js, Highcharts and Leaflet). Although my focus has been on the front-end, I have also done C# back-end development with .NET and EF, including .NET Core, and designed several REST APIs. I also have some experience with React Native and mobile development.

As a UX designer, I have arranged close to one hundred user interviews, usability tests and workshops to learn about user needs and test my designs. I have created mockups and prototypes for web and mobile apps, written user stories and other specs, and created visual designs with Photoshop. I am competent with responsive design and patterns used in modern web applications. I also know how to analyze user behavior with Google Analytics.

I have been working as part of multiple agile teams and I am very familiar with practices such as incremental development, unit testing, code reviews, continuous integration, agile planning and retrospectives.


Master of Science (Tech.)

Aalto University2005 – 2012

I graduated with distinction in 2012 with my master in Computer Science and Engineering. My major was in media technology with a focus on user interfaces and usability. I wrote my master's thesis about interaction design in agile software development. My bachelor was in Automation and Systems Technology. In 2008, I organized a preparation course for students applying to Aalto University.



I am secretary in our scout group Munksnäs Spejarna and have been the main organizer of multiple camps and other events. In 2014, I was the vice chief for Atlantis, a one-week scout camp with almost 2000 participants. Over 200 adults were involved in the planning phase and over 600 had assignments during the camp. I learned how to set up goals, build and lead a project team, and work efficiently in a distributed organization. The camp was very successful, with a 4.3 rating (1–5) in a survey with more than 500 responses.


  • Finnish – excellent
  • English – excellent
  • Swedish – excellent
  • German – basics